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Soundclips & Recordings

           Die Bürgschaft (Kurt Weill)
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CDS 556976 2 (2CD)
Margaret Thompson,
Frederick Burchinal,
Dale Travis,
Joel Sorensen,
Peter Lurié,
Lawrence Craig, Herbert Perry,
Mark Duffin,
Ann Panagulias,
Katherine Ciesinski, Enrico di Giuseppe,
John Danieski,
Westminster Chorus
Spoleto Opera Festival Orchestra
Julius Rudel, Conductor
Now playing in the background is "For He is Like a Refiners Fire" from
Handel's Oratorio:  The Messiah.

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and from Donemus Records:

Esmée (Theo Loevendie)

CV 74/5

Margaret Thompson,
William Oberholtzer, Luca Martin, Monte Jaffe,
 Ulrich Neuweiler, Maja Tabataze, Nikolaus Bergmann
The Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir and Extra Choir of the City of Bielefeld,  
Geoffrey Moull, Conductor